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X Factor USA Show Highlights – The First Two Episodes

xfactor The X Factor hit the ground running with Season 2. Wednesday night was filled with good talent, Britney, drama and of course, Simon. On the X Factor, you are sure of three things: Simon lusting after every young girl that graces the stage, there will be some scared girl who cries the moment the camera is focused on her and then there are the sentimental and touching backstage stories of the contestants that have a story that is beyond what we have every experienced. The judge’s panel consists of Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato from the Disney Channel, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid. READ MORE

X Factor judges and host changes for next season

xfactor2Simon Cowell has fired the X Factor judges Nicole Schezniger, Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones. This just leaves LA Reid and Simon himself as the judges. While the firing of Steve Jones and Nicole Schezinger was expected, fans are shocked to hear that Paula Abdul was also fired. [READ MORE]

Simon Cowell confirms Record Deals for Josh Krajick, Chris Rene and Astro

X Factor creator and co producer Simon Cowell has confirmed the worst kept secret in music circles. It is that the two finalists Josh Krajick and Chris Rene along with Astro will be get record deals. This is probably especially good news for fans of Astro who believed he got the wrong end of the stick during the live voting rounds. The artists will likely sign with Syco music, Simon Cowell’s music label that is co owned by Sony Music. The agreement with Sony is that Syco will partner with a larger Sony Music label that will provide the marketing etc. and is likely to partner with Syco for “X Factor” U.S. artists are Epic Records, Columbia Records and RCA Records.

X Factor USA Top 12 Contestants

Here are the Top 12 contestants remaining. From here on they will continue based on user votes. Simone Cowell, Girl’s Mentor. Contestants …

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/13

Tonight, the judges take each of their groups to their homes. They were split into four groups Girls, Boys, Over 30s and Groups. Simon got the girls, the groups went to Paula, the over 30’s went to Niocle and the boys got LA Reid. The girls are probably the luckiest, flying to Paris to meet Simon. The groups go to meet Paula in Santa Barbara and the boys head to the Hamptons to meet LA Ried. The over 30’s go to Malibu for to Nicole Sherzingers home.

X Factor US

Simon Cowell is back on American television, he is bringing his famous British talent show X-Factor to the United States. The show, …