Simon Cowell confirms Record Deals for Josh Krajick, Chris Rene and Astro

Melani Amaro, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik - X Factor USA Top 3
X Factor creator and co producer Simon Cowell has confirmed the worst kept secret in music circles. It is that the two finalists Josh Krajick and Chris Rene along with Astro will be get record deals. This is probably especially good news for fans of Astro who believed he got the wrong end of the stick during the live voting rounds. The artists will likely sign with Syco music, Simon Cowell’s music label that is co owned by Sony Music. The agreement with Sony is that Syco will partner with a larger Sony Music label that will provide the marketing etc. and is likely to partner with Syco for “X Factor” U.S. artists are Epic Records, Columbia Records and RCA Records.

On the red carpet after “The X Factor” U.S. first season finale on December 22, 2011 Cowell told reporters about the Melanie’s fate:

“We’ve got three labels right now that want to sign her through Sony. So I have to make the decision within the next 24 hours.”

In the interview, Cowell said that the “X Factor” contract stipulates that Syco has “a few months” to decide which of the non-winning finalists will be signed to Syco:

“Anyone we’re genuinely not interested in, they’ll be let go. There is a lot of interest in a lot of the artists. We can’t sign everyone, but there’s going to be quite a few that are going to get deals. You’re not going to let Astro go. You’re not going to let Chris go or let Josh go. We’d be mad. But she [Melanie Amaro] is the priority.”

Cowell further explained why he wants Syco to sign Krajcik and Rene: “Otherwise, someone else is going to sign them.” The official announcements about record deals for Krajcik, Rene and Astro are expected in 2012