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X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/20 – The Winner!

It has all come down to just one night and that night is tonight. All the practices, all the performances and all the voting is done and over with. The fate of the new winner of X Factor lies in the hands of God’s fate. The red carpet is out; the limos arrive and the judges are dressed to the hills. Performing tonight are two stars who are setting the world on fire: Pitbull and One Direction.. [READ MORE]

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/19

The season has come down to this. Tomorrow night, we find out who the newest X Factor winner is. The show starts on a somber note as Simon pays tribute to the fallen victims of the Sandy Hook school tragedy. The contestants and their choir sings You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. The names of each victim is flashed across the stage on a video screen. . [READ MORE]

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/12

Tonight on X Factor is the semi-finals. Tomorrow night, the Final 4 will become our Final 3. There are no judges’ decisions this week. There is no leader board. No one will know who came in first until next week when the winner is announced next week. Simon stated he believed that the voters will cast their vote tonight for the best performance. The Top 4 take the stage and we are ready to go! First songs up are the choice of the contestants. Demi has no one left in her group. Each of the remaining judges has one except for Simon who has two groups still in the competition.. [READ MORE]