X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos – 11/13 & 11/14 – The Top 10

Tonight is the night where contestants choose songs from the 1980’s and someone gets sent home at the start of the show. Carlos Guevera is being sent home.

Lillie McCloud- Ain’t Nobody- Great up-tempo song, some dancing mixed in but wrong song choice. She performed it well though. Simon thought she made a great attempt at being modern.

Carlito Olivero- Rhythm Is Gonna Get You- He did a great job both vocally and choreography wise. Demi didn’t like it, Kelly said he wasn’t getting lost as a solo artist, Paulina thought he was scared and Simon thinks he will be going home this week.

Rion Paige- We Belong- Rion is very week in this competition. She struggles with this song in parts. Kelly thought it started rough, Paulina thinks she feels the music when she sings and Simon thought she did great but needs better songs picked for her.

Sweet Suspense- Hey Mickey- This was a good performance by a group that has improved each week. Demi didn’t like their stage performance; Simon thought it was the best performance so far this evening and Kelly didn’t think they were in rhythm.

Tim Olstad- Against All Odds- Completely wrong song choice for him but he has a great singing voice. Kelly said he has no stage presence, Simon was completely distracted and Demi thinks he should go home.

Khaya Cohen- Borderline- This was a good arrangement with great stage presence and an overall excellent performance. Demi gave him a standing ovation, Kelly said she was ready, Simon is confident in the performance and Paulina said she greatly improved.

Restless Road- Footloose- I am not sure why they didn’t choose a country song. Paulina loved it, Kelly said she would be front row at their concert, Simon said they worked extra hard and Demi thinks they are continuing to grow each week.

Rachel Potter- Alone- This song was way overdone with too many theatrics on stage, though the vocals were great. Paulina loved her singing, Simon is unsure of where she is as an artist, Kelly called her a great singer and Demi is proud of her and said she is a winner.

Ellona Santiago- I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Ellona gave a pop star performance though there were a couple of pitchy moments. Kelly said she was incredible, Paulina called her a perfectionist, Simon loved the last part and Demi like the performance.

Josh Levi- Straight Up- This is not his best song choice. His vocals were weak in the beginning but improved as the song went on. He did a great job with the choreography though. Demi thinks he has potential, Simon called him a future star, Kelly loved it and Paulina said he came through on each note.
Alex and Sierra- Addicted to Love- They did a neat rendition of this song. Paulina loved their performance, Simon likes that they mix it up each week; Demi said they appeared uncomfortable and Paulina loved their performance.

Tonight, two more acts are sent home. The first act that is being eliminated from the competition is Sweet Suspense. Simon as well as the audience is surprised. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

More results come in and those who are safe are Carlito Olivero, Josh Levi, Rion Paige, Jeff Gutt, Restless Road, Tim Olstad, Ellona Santiago, Lille McCloud and Alex and Sierra.

This means Rachel Potter and Khaya Cohen will sing to see who stays in the competition.

Khaya Cohen- Don’t Give Up On Me- This was a great song choice for her. She did great with the vocals.

Rachel Potter- From This Moment On- She is not doing as well as Khaya. She is pitchy at times as well.

Kelly chooses to send Khaya home while the other chooses to send Rachel home.

Sweet Suspense and Rachel Potter leave the competition.