X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos – 11/6 & 11/7

Tonight, the Top 12 perform!

Josh Levi- Who’s Loving You- He came back in as a wildcard after being sent home. Pitchy in the beginning but gets better as the song goes on. Good vocals by Josh. Simon said he improved greatly, Kelly thought he lit up the stage and Paulina liked him.

Rachel Potter- This Old Heart of Mine-Good performance with great vocals. Demi thinks she’s a threat to the other competitors; Paulina loved it while Simon hated it.

Carlos Guevera- What’s Going On- The performance was awful. Kelly said he could have done better and Simon wasn’t impressed at all.

Restless Road- Easy Like Sunday Morning- The song and the performance just didn’t work at all. Demi liked the song choice, Paulina called them special and Simon said they are all stars.

Ellona Santiago- Baby Love- This wasn’t the right song choice but she has amazing vocals. Demi and Simon thought she nailed it.

Jeff Gutt- Say You Say Me- He does a great job singing this type of song as a rocker. Kelly loved it and Simon called it the best performance of the night so far.

Alex and Sierra- Heard It Through the Grapevine- They tried changing it but really didn’t make it much different. The audience loved it as did all the judges.

Khaya Cohen- My Girl- She had great vocals for this song. Simon thought she sounded like Amy Winehouse while Demi says she has the best vocals of all the competitors and Kelly said she had sass.

Carlito Olivero- Stop in the Name of Love- He did a great job with this song as he did it as a ballad. Kelly loved it, Simon hated it as he called it theatrical and Kelly said it was too pitchy.

Lillie McCloud- All’s Fair in Love and War- She has the WOW factor. She is nailing this song vocally. Demi called her voice incredible, Simon said it was fantastic, Paulina said she was a goddess and Kelly gave her a standing ovation.

Sweet Suspense- You Just Keep Me Hanging On- They sing way too much in unison but this performance was better than last week. Paulina really liked them, Simon loved them, Demi called them stars and Kelly thinks they belong in the marketplace.

Rion Paige- Ain’t No Mountain- This version was slowed down too much and it wasn’t great. Kelly thought she looked amazing but didn’t like the song, Demi thought she brought the wall down and Simon loved the rendition.

Tim Olstad- I’ll Be There- He has great vocals but extremely dry and boring. Kelly expects more from him, Simon called him the next Donnie Osmond and Demi called it karaoke.

Tonight was supposed to be all elimination night but there was a glitch in the voting system. So last night pretty much never existed and the votes were not counted. So tonight, we are starting over.

Josh Levi- Stay- He nailed this song completely. Josh is definitely ready for radio. Paulina loved it and Simon called it a winning performance.

Rachel Potter- Anyway- She has great vocals and delivers a fantastic performance. Simon said it was fantastic and Kelly is proud.

Carlos Guevera- Cannonball- Okay performance but he is pitchy again. Carlos has amazing presence onstage. Paulina called it one of the most amazing performances.

Restless Road- Don’t You Wanna Stay- The lead singer is the best of the group. Demi and Simon both said the group looked nervous.

Ellona Santiago- Titanium- The song begins a bit low and it takes her quite a bit of time to get going. Once she does get going though she does great. Simon thought it was her best performance to date and Demi said she has proved herself.

Jeff Gutt- In the Air Tonight- Jeff knows he is a rocker but he knows he’s not a current rocker. He does well with rock songs from the 80’s. His performance was flawless. Demi and Simon both thought the phrasing was strange.

Alex and Sierra- Give Me Love- For once, Alex isn’t strumming the guitar. Excellent song choice that they do well with. Simon was very impressed.

Khaya Cohen- Distant Dreamer- Very clean vocals but low at the start of the song. Demi thought she was much like Aretha Franklin.

Carlito Olivero- If You’re Not the One- He was terrible. He fell flat in his falsetto and actually skipped some lyrics so he could hit the note correctly. Paulina said he was sick but still did an amazing job. He didn’t look sick at all.

Lillie McCloud- Who Wants to Live Forever- This was by far the worst she has done on the show so far. It is slow and old and boring. But surprisingly, Kelly loved it.

Sweet Suspense-That Should Be Me- Sweet Suspense is a group that is definitely improving. Great song choice for them and they do amazing with it. Simon hated the performance, however.

Rion Paige- Born This Way- Great vocals by Rion but shaky in some areas. Simon said she needs to choose her own songs from here on out and Demi said it was an incredible performance.

Tim Olstad- I Believe I Can Fly- Great vocals but completely wrong song choice for him. He is definitely not a pop star. Simon jokes about his WOOOO.