X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos – 11/20 & 11/21 – The Top 8

Tonight the Top 10 perform songs from the Revolutionary War.

Jeff Gutt- Bohemian Rhapsody- He was a little pitchy and a bit flat. Paulina thought it was rough and Demi and Simon loved it.


Tim Olstad- Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word- Tim decides to play the piano this week. It was too distracting in my opinion. He just didn’t seem comfortable on stage either. Simon called him a singing hamster and Paulina called him Simba.

Khaya Cohen- Let it Be- There was a few good parts at the end of the song. However, other than that, it was kind of pitchy. Simon loved it, Paulina says she showed her soul, Kelly loves the power in her voice and Demi said her voice was insane.

Josh Levi- Sweet Dreams- Josh had great vocals and amazing choreography. Paulina loved it, Kelly thinks he is talented, Simon his staging was crazy and Demi said Josh reminded her of Chris Brown.

Alex and Sierra- Best Song Ever- It was a good cover song for them but it was a bit odd and slowed down. Demi said she would download it, Simon thinks they have the ability to win, Paulina called the bridge corny and Kelly thought Alex was better than Sierra.

Rion Paige- Your Song- The song was good but not perfect. She had a weird hippy ensemble going on. Demi was proud of her, Simon called her fantastic, Kelly thought she was incredible and Paulina said Rion gave it her soul.

Carlito Olivero- Satisfaction- I thought it was an awful song choice and totally boring. Demi thought the song ending was better, Simon loved the staging, Paulina called it a terrific performance and Kelly said something was missing from the performance.

Lillie McCloud- This Woman’s Work- Lillie is not in her comfort zone this week at all. She did a great job with the song though. Demi told her she needs to hear her range more, Paulina called it refreshing and Simon thought she was brilliant.

Ellona Santiago- Burn- She gave a good performance overall even though there were some flat moments. Demi said she mailed it, Simon called her a brilliant performer, Kelly said she has a big voice and Paulina liked it.

Restless Road- Fix You- They did were individually this week. There were a few flat moments though. Paulina loved it, Simon called it one of the best performances of the night and Demi thought Andrew was a bit off on his harmony.

Last night, the Top 10 performed and tonight two of them will go home. We will be left with our Top 8.

The first act to go home is Khaya Cohen, who had the lowest votes. One Direction performs and then it is time for more results. Everyone is announced as safe with the exceptions of Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad. They must sing to find out which one stays in the competition.

Tim Olstad- You Raise Me Up- Decent song for him with a slight twang. He cried at the end. Paulina gave him a standing ovation.

Carlito Olivero- He starts off slow but get’s better as the song goes on.

Time for the judges to cast their votes. Kelly, Demi and Paulina all vote to send Tim Olstad home so Simon doesn’t need to vote. Tim Olstad is going home while Carlito Olivero is part of the Top 8.