X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from Week 2 – 10/9 & 10/10

Tonight starts with the boys mentored by Paulina Rubio.

Al Calderon- Call Me Maybe
He sings Happy Birthday at his restaurant. Awful beginning with weak vocals and a lousy song choice. He does better as the song goes on. Kelly says he is shaky; Demi says he has amazing energy but was a bit pitchy, Simon said he wasn’t the best in the competition but has charisma and Paulina isn’t sure he is unique enough to be an artist. He is later replaced with Timmy Thames.

Isaiah Alston- The Greatest Love of All
He sings in the church choir. The beginning was awful but he does just a little better as the song progresses. The judges were not impressed with him at all.

Isaac Tauefa- Bubbly
Isaac is a former football player. He is okay but cannot hit the high note when it comes time. Kelly said he sounded karaoke, Simon was disappointed and Paulina aggress with them both and sends him home.

Carlos Guevara- Ain’t No Sunshine
He has tourettes and boy can he sing. He doesn’t look comfortable on stage but his vocals are amazing. Simon loved his tone and Paulina said his vocals were unique. He takes a chair.

Stone Martin- Torn
He has great vocals but lacks performance. Girls may vote for him though. Demi and Paulina both like him so he takes a seat. He does get replaced by Tim Olstad.

Chase Goehring- Airplanes
He does a current song and does it really well. He does need a bit of charisma though. Kelly liked the song choice, Demi said it was unnatural and Simon hated it. Paulina allows him to take a seat, for now. He is later replaced by Carlito Olivero.

Tim Olstad- The Climb
Great singer, great piano player but may not be cut out for being a pop star. Kelly called it a wonderful moment, Demi wants him to stay on and Simon says he looks up to folks to old for him. Paulina is giving him a chair although she didn’t know if his performance was special enough.

Carlito Olivero- Dreaming of You Tonight
He does a good job with vocals although nothing spectacular. Kelly says his vocals were shaky, Simon thought his audition song was much better and Paulina loves his attitude. She decides to keep him.

Timmy Thames- New Girl in Town
He has a great voice and the audience seems to love him. Kelly says he is cute but wasn’t impressed with this performance, Demi wasn’t blown away but Simon loved him and wants him to stay in the competition. Paulina keeps him as part of the final four but would soon be replaced by Josh Levi.

Josh Levi- I Can’t Make You Love Me
Wrong song choice for him but he does have potential. Demi thinks he should be in the final four, Simon didn’t like his song choice but called him a star and Paulina thought it was perfect. He is the final four.

Four Boys: Tim Olstad, Carlos Guevera, Josh Levi, and Carlito Olivero.

Next up are the Groups mentored by Simon Cowell.

Girls United- Tonight is the Night
These three girls are beautiful, they can dance and they have charisma but they can’t sing very well. The audience likes them though. Kelly likes their look, Demi thinks they have grown a lot and Simon thinks they are commercial but he keeps them. That is until they are replaced with Alex and Sierra.

Wild Thingz- Party Rock Anthem
Simon thinks of them as Beavis and Butthead. They are simply annoying as heck and run around the stage as if it’s a playground. Kelly said they looked as though they were running a marathon, Paulina loved it Simon called it comedy instead of music. However, Simon decides to keep them in the competition for now, as they will be replaced by Sweet Suspense.

Glamour- Cups
These three best buddies from Georgia totally picked the wrong song and they had shaky vocals. Demi says they aren’t ready and while Simon wasn’t impressed with this arrangement, he tells them to sit down. However, they soon are replaced by Forever in Your Mind.

Restless Road- Love Somebody Like You
The last group for tonight fills the final four chairs. They are country singers who did a great job with this song. They get a standing ovation from all the judges.

Round 2

The groups continue tonight.

Sweet Suspense- Wishing on a Star
Very pitchy group going on here. Not one of them really stood out. Kelly thinks they have work to do while Simon is keeping them around.

Yellow House Canyon- Hell on Wheels
A duo of county girls. They were amazing with great harmonies. Kelly said they had good energy, Demi thinks one of the girls stands out from the other but Simon decide to send them home.

Forever In Your Mind- Original song
Emery is really the only decent singer of the group. As a group, their harmonies were flat. Paulina wasn’t impressed, Demi thought it was not the right song but Simon thought they were great. They stay in the competition but not for long since they are soon replaced by Roxxy Montana.

Good News- Landslide
These girls were absolutely horrible. Simon looks like he is about to fall asleep while Paulina, Kelly and Demi all agree they are not ready. Simon sends them home.

Alex and Sierra- You’re the One That I Want
They don’t have a name for their group yet but they will need to think of one soon since they are staying in the competition. They do a great job with this song. Kelly likes their appeal. Simon gives them a seat.

Roxxy Montana- Man in the Mirror
These girls are not only weak singers but flat as well. Nevertheless, there is one singer that stands out which is a plus for the group. Simon was impressed and gives them the final seat.

The next live show will air on October 29th because of the World Series.