X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from Week 1 – 10/2 & 10/3

This season, there will be no judge’s houses or boot camp. Instead, they will be replaced with a new stage called The Four Chair Challenge.

Introducing the Over 25 Category with Kelly

Victoria Carriger- To Make You Feel My Love
The crowd absolutely loved this performance. Demi said she thought it had too low energy, Paulina was captivated, Simon was not impressed with her at all and Kelly thought Victoria was ready for this competition. She takes one of the four chairs.

Kristine Mirelle- Oops I Did It Again
Demi said she likes her performance on stage but thought she was excessively pitchy, Paulina doesn’t think she is ready, Simon was confused by her performance but thinks she should stay and Kelly aggress with Simon. She is sent home in the end.

Jeff Gutt- Amazing Grace
The judges loved his performance and Kelly has a chair for him.

Rachel Potter- Animazement
She had a few pitchy moments. The judges like her overall and Kelly gives her a chair.

Lorie Moore- I’ll Make Love To You
Great vocals compared to Kristine or Rachel. Paulina isn’t sure where she fits in, Demi said she had passion; Kelly loves her voice but isn’t sure she is ready but gives her a seat. She is eventually sent home however.

Allison Davis- Tik Tok
She is booed from the audience for this awful and pitchy performance. Demi isn’t impressed, Simon says she is annoying and Kelly doesn’t think she is authentic. She is sent home.

Jeff Brinkman- Without You
He has no stage presence and sounds too karaoke. Demi and Simon didn’t like the song choice but Kelly gives him a seat. He eventually is sent home.

Denny Smith- Wait Till The Midnight Hour
A pastor with a great voice. Paulina loved him, Simon absolutely loved him but Kelly decides to send him home.

James Kenney- Lean On Me
One of the best performances tonight. Paulina liked it, Simon totally respects him and Kelly gives him a chair.

Lillie McCloud- A house is not a home
Wow, she has the most beautiful voice. Demi thinks she is a superstar, Simon loved her, Paulina calls her a goddess and Kelly definitely wants to put her in chair. She is definitely a contender.

Introducing the Girls with Demi

Bree Randall- Glad You Came
She was way off pitch. Simon liked her, Kelly and Paulina didn’t like her at all but Demi thinks she has potential and gives her a chair. She ends up being replaced by Simon Torres.

Khaya Cohen- Locked Out Of Heaven
The best female voice so far. Kelly loves her instinct, Simon loved her, Kelly loved her and Demi thinks she is a top contender and gives her a seat.

Jamie Pineda- Don’t Speak
She was mediocre. Kelly thought she looked uncomfortable but liked her voice, Simon said there was nothing special about her voice but Demi called her a star and gives her the third seat. She is eventually replaced by Ellona Santiago.

Ashly Williams- I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
She is the girl whose mom was murdered. The audience is rooting for her. It wasn’t the best song choice but she did well. Kelly called her talented, Simon wasn’t impressed, Paulina liked her music and Demi loved her and gives her a chair. She is eventually replaced by Rion Page.

Day Two- 10/3/2013

Kelly picked her 4 over 25’s last night. Lillie McCloud, Rachel Potter, Jeff Gutt, and James Kenney earned spots. Demi heard four singers and gave four chairs to:
Bree Randall, Khaya Cohen, Ashly Williams, and Jamie Pineda.

It is time to hear the rest of the girls.

Simone Torres- A Change Is Gonna Come
She has a great voice but it is too low in parts. Paulina likes her, Simon thought the arrangement was horrible, Kelly thought she sang well and Demi gives her a seat. She ends up being replaced by Danie Geimer.

Danie Geimer- Georgia On My Mind
Amazing vocals but a bit pitchy at the end. Simon liked her, Kelly loved her and Demi gives her a seat.

Rylie Brown- Angels
She takes part in beauty pageants but is definitely not one of these best singers. Kelly doesn’t think she is ready for this competition, Simon wasn’t impressed and Demi liked her but thought the performance was too pageantry. Demi sends her home.

Primrose Martin- Her Original Song
Her dad was part of the hit group, Kool and the Gang. She dances well but her voice is mediocre and actually gets worse as the song drags on. Simon said it was awful, Paulina hated it and Demi wasn’t impressed and sends her home.

Rion Paige- Her Original Song
She is an okay singer. Nothing really special though. Kelly liked her, Simon loved her and Demi gives her a chair.

Ellona Santiago- Clarity
She did better as the song went on. Kelly called her a beast, Paulina said it was amazing and Simon loved her. Demi decides to keep her and give her a chair.

Final 4 Girls:
Khaya Cohen, Danie Geimer, Ellona Santiago, and Rion Paige.

Next week will be Paulina and the Boys and Simon and the Groups.