X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/7 – Top Five Perform

Last week on X Factor USA, America (and the judges) sent home Astro and Drew. While I expected Drew to go home sooner rather than later, Astro was a complete shock. Given what happened last week, I expect Astro fans to vote just to keep him in the competition. Unfortunately for him that didn’t really pan out. Tonight we have the top five performing two tracks each. The first of which will be a dance track. Given the way last week went, it seems the artist playing the popularity card can definitely make it through to the top 3 at least. Here are the top five who will be performing tonight:

Chris Rene, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Marcus Canty

First up are the dance songs, then we follow that with their life saving songs. Here are the performances in order of appearance and the judges comments:

1. Melanie Amaro sang Adele’s Someone Like You.

L.A. said: That was really good, the only thing that bothered me about it is that it was really good.
Nicole: It was a big risk taking on this song and you looked like a rock star dive.
Paula: You looked stunning and happy, the song was too short.
Simon said: That wasn’t karaoke, you got confidence, you sound like a dive, you would have a hit record with that version.

2. Marcus Canty sang Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody Love me Better.

Nicole said: You took us to church and the dance club at the same time, great song, you have earned your spot to be here, God has a plan for you.
Paula said: You like fantastic and it’s an even playing field.
Simon said: I shouldn’t be happy with you, but I have to be fair and judge you within the competition and I have to say, that was a very good performance. You came back strong and proved a point.
L.A. said: If you love Marcus the way I do tonight, then vote, vote, vote.

3. Rachel Crow sang Bruno Mars’ Nothing On You

L.A. said: I loved it, who were you singing to? Rachel says Paula and Nicole.
Nicole said: I’m just waiting for the Rachel Crow doll to come out with her own bathroom
Paula said: You are just fearless, your best performance yet and I am so proud of you, I love you.
Simon said: I’m waiting for the Nicole doll to come out, the voodoo doll. Someone told me that you did stand up comedy, it makes you a triple threat, that was a great choice of song.

4. Josh Krajcik sang Rihanna’s We Found Love.
Really? It is a great track, but it takes someone with a voice like Rihanna’s to make it work. Not impressed.

L.A. said: We know you could sing, it the recording world I could never see you doing that song, so I don/’t buy it.
Paula said: I couldn’t disagree with you more, Josh can do any song and change it up, I though you nailed it.
Simon said: I agree with L.A., you have a great voice, but that song was inappropriate, you were surrounded by a ridiculous dance routine.
Nicole said: I’m so happy now, because you showed how versatile he was, he made the song his own, brilliant.

5. Chris Rene sang T.I.’s Live My Life.

Nicole said: Go ahead and live your life, we’re living it right there with you. I love that you wrote the versus, it sounded like you wrote the hook as well.
Paula said: It was fun and the crowd love it.
Simon said: I saw the look on your face last week, you didn’t think you were going to make it through. As an overall recording artist, you were great.
L.A. said: All I know is this, we are entering the semi finals, you made this song your own by writing your own lyrics, you made it your own.

6. Melanie Amaro sang Whitney Houston’s When You Believe.

L.A. said: It was amazing, but safe. Nicole said: You gave me goosebumps all over, you believe every word you sang, I’m in awe of you.
Paula said: When I close my eyes, I hear Britney and Mariah, less is more.
Simon said: It was incredible and Clive Davis is in the house tonight, the guy who signed Whitney Houston who sang that song, you need to vote.

7. Marcus Canty singing Leon Russell’s A Song For You.

Nicole said: Thank you for remind us why we love you, you remind me of a young Al Green.
Paula said: Your eyes do not lie, you are a storyteller.
Simon said: I thought is was good, but I’m not jumping out of my chair because I already heard that version, but you are likeable, it was boring.
L.A. said: Muhammad Ali got knocked down twice and so did you, I am proud of you, I have your back, my man.

8. Rachel Crow singing Music in Me.

L.A. said: I loved that you picked that song for yourself, I hear rumours that Hollywood is circling you.
Nicole said: You are like an old soul in a 13 year old.
Paula said: You are amazing and magical.
Simon said: I like the fact that you choose your own song this week, I agree with Paula, you are like an old soul, oops, like Nicole.

9. Josh Krajcik singing The Beatles’ Something.

L.A. said: Thank God you had a second song tonight, it was really good but slightly karaoke.
Paula said: Adjectives don’t describe your brilliance anymore.
Simon said: It was a massive improvement, you looked a little insane half way through, do not allow the choreography around you, you don’t need any props.
Nicole said: Josh is like the male, Adele, it’s Karjcik Magic.

10. Chris Rene singing an original song that he wrote Where Do We Go From Here.

Nicole said: Where do we go from here? Sky is the limit with you, it was amazing.
Paula said: This is what I have been waiting for, you showed your originally.
Simon said: At this stage in the show, you decide to sing your own song and that was a stroke of genius.
L.A. said: I’m so proud of you, the night I met you, you did an original song, you have come back to where you started and cannot be more proud.