X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/21 – The Finals!

At long last we are finally at the finals of Season One of the X Factor USA. It has been a long and tiring road. We have seen some greats perform and fall along the way to reveal our final three. Tonight’s performances are going to be key and we have been promised some great entertainment tonight. We finally get to put the rumors of Nicole and Steve Jones leaving the show and focus on the performers. It will definitely be a battle Royale.

1. Josh Krajcik sang “Uninvited” with Alanis Morissette. That’s right, just after he sang the first verse she steps out after his announcement and starts singing. It is a great song, though it was fairly clear that it suited her voice far more than it suited his. Still a great finals worthy performance.

L.A. said: That was so real, so natural, you seem right at home, that was great.
Paula said: I couldn’t think of a better way to start off tonight, you were singing with rock royalty and you held your own.
Simon said: we have to judge this, I thought that you were a little bit intimidated in the beginning, but you came through – an 8/10.
Nicole said: Intimated or call it what ever you want, he is a great artist, he is giving and wonderful.

2. Chris Rene sang “Complicated” with Avril Lavigne. So it looks like each artist will get a duet performance starting up. Great choice of song, he did start off a little wobbly but he really did kick ass in the end. Even Avrile was impressed. This is definitely going to be a tough vote.

Nicole said: It was a little shaky in the take off, but you came out on top, your energy and light around you is infectious.
Paula said: This is about energy and connecting with the audience, you deserve to be here, best of luck.
Simon said: When you kicked in, when you introduced the rap, your total joy and confidence, that could be a record.
L.A. said: You looked really at home with Avril, two stars who complimented each other.

3. Melanie Amaro sang “I Believe I Can Fly” with R. Kelly. Wow now we have R Kelly on stage for one of the most amazing song of all times. This girl can really sing and is a real contender to win, though she comes too close to the mold of song greats like Mariah et all. Simon is right, it didnt feel like a performance at a talent competition.

L.A. said: That is one of the most important songs written in the past 50 years, you were overshadowed by R. Kelly, I expect more from you.
Nicole said: I think she did the best that she could (L.A. interrupts, “we can’t make excuses”), she soared on it.
Paula said: The conviction that you have has made us believe in you.
Simon said: I wouldn’t listen too much to Grumpy and Dumpy there, that was an incredible duet, you didn’t look like someone in a talent competition, I feel very good for you right now.

The three finalists then sang “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson, featuring a performance by Cirque du Soleil. It was a nice interlude from the top three battling it. Now we have the final single performances. I was actually hoping for more Duets but its time the contestants show us their individual best.

4. Josh Krajcik sang “At Last” by Etta James.

L.A said: You are such a rock star, you made it your own with your guitar.
Paula said: You are one of the most authentic and real people I have ever met, you owned that stage.
Simon said: This is what we call the $5 million dollar song, you took a risk, this is going to be a very, very close call tonight.
Nicole said: You have proven just by being you it is possible, I am honoured to be a part of this journey with you, music loves you.

5. Chris Rene sang “Young Homie”. This was his first audition song if you remember. I liked it then and like it now.

Nicole said: We all have a purpose in life and you are serving your purpose right now with that song.
Paula said: You are magic, you are a singer, songwriter and performer.
Simon said: That was your $5 million dollar song, I remember when I first met you and asked you to look me in the eye and you stuck to your deal, you are a man of your word, a true gentleman and a real nice guy.
L.A. said: You poured all of yourself into that song, I’m proud of you. (the audience was going insane throughout)

6. Melanie Amaro singing “Listen”. This is one of Beyonce’s songs and a classic. Amazing performance.

L.A. said: That was not a $5 million dollar performance, that was a $50 million dollar performance.
Nicole said: You are the first person I felt connected with and that is what music is all about.
Paula said: It was stellar performance.
Simon said: I am so proud of you for what you did right there, after this you are never going to get teased again and you should be the winner.

Who do you think will win? Find out tomorrow in our recap.