X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/20 – The Winner!

It has all come down to just one night and that night is tonight. All the practices, all the performances and all the voting is done and over with. The fate of the new winner of X Factor lies in the hands of God’s fate. The red carpet is out; the limos arrive and the judges are dressed to the hills. Performing tonight are two stars who are setting the world on fire: Pitbull and One Direction.

As the judges take the stage with hosts, Khloe and Mario, the song The Final Countdown plays in the background. The Top 13 along with the Top 3 take center stage to sing Love Is All You Need by The Beatles.

LA introduces his act, Tate Stevens as Tate sings Please Come Home for Christmas. Tate is as generic as only Tate can be.

It is announced that more than 35 million votes were cast last night.

Simon introduces his act, Fifth Harmony, who sing Christmas Baby Please Come Home. They sing completely off key and even missed a few notes. But none of that matters tonight.

Britney introduces her act, Carly Rose. Carly takes on All I Want for Christmas is You. Carly never has energy and this is an energetic song.

Finally the results are starting to be announced as Firth Harmony takes 3rd place. Not a huge surptose there.

Pitbull sings his hit song Don’t Stop the Party. One Direction performs Kiss You. One Direction took 3rd place the year they were on X Factor.

The Top 2, Tate and Carly take the stage for a duet. They sing The Climb.

The time has finally come where we announce a winner. Carly and Tate take the stage with their respected mentors. Tate Stevens is our winner. Like no one predicted that one. He sings the show out with Tomorrow.

Tate Stevens is the winner with Carly Rose Sonenclar in 2nd and Fifth Harmony in 3rd.