X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/19

The season has come down to this. Tomorrow night, we find out who the newest X Factor winner is. The show starts on a somber note as Simon pays tribute to the fallen victims of the Sandy Hook school tragedy. The contestants and their choir sings You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. The names of each victim is flashed across the stage on a video screen.

The judges and the Top 3 take the stage as the hosts, Khloe and Mario follow behind. The contestants will each sing 3 songs tonight. They will each have 2 phone numbers. That way if one is busy, the other one can be called. First song is the contestant’s favorite from the competition.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is up to bat first with Feeling Good. This is the song Carly auditioned with. She is just absolutely amazing. She has confidence tonight that she hasn’t had for a while. Demi said she topped herself, Simon said she did better than when she auditioned the song and LA thought she was amazing.

Tate Stevens sings Anything Goes by Randy Houser. He did really well since he is no doubt a county singer at heart. The audience loved him, the fans loved him and the judges loved him. Britney said he was spot on, Demi thought he could have done a stadium performance and Simon called him made in America.

Fifth Harmony takes on Anything Can Happen. Didn’t they just sing this song last week? So yeah they sounded pretty much like…last week. LA called them magical, Britney said they were spectacular and Demi hopes we all vote for them.

Next up the Top 3 sing duets with superstars.

First up is Carly Rose and Leann Rimes. They sing Leann’s How Do I Live Without You. Carly sounds terrible and the whole song sounds unrehearsed. Carly is messing up and Leann sounds drunk. Well that was a messed up mess.

Tate Stevens and Little Big Town sing Pontoon. Yes Tate is destined to be a country singer but I don’t think he will sing a song like this. This is not the song to show off his country talents. Well there is two duets gone badly. Third time is a charm right?

Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato sing Give your Heart A Break. Well how can they mess this up? They did really well and even got a standing ovation from Simon. Simon praised Demi for her outstanding job.

Carly Rose picks her third song to be Hallelujah. Oh this song has been so overplayed. She goes to hit the high note and…nails it! LA praised her for hitting the high note, Demi says she has grown up a lot in the competition and Simon said she had a great night.

Tate Stevens sings Tomorrow by Chris Young. Another powerhouse country ballad. He does a great job with his beautiful voices and sweet emotions. Britney enjoys everything he sings, Demi was almost in tears, Simon said he had a great night and LA is always proud of him.

Fifth Harmony sings Let It Be by the Beatles. A couple of the solos were great but as a group, they didn’t do so well. The judges saw otherwise as they all thought the group was spot on.

Stay tuned for the winner tomorrow night!