X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/13 – The Top Three!

Tonight, the X Factor Top 4 become the Top 3 and will head to the finale next week. Bruno Mars and Bridget Mendler will perform on the show tonight. The Top 4 take the stage to do a group song. They sing Coming Home and do a great job. Last night’s show is recapped. Then the show begins.

As always, they deem someone safe right from the get-go. The first act that goes on next week to compete for the title is 5th Harmony! Simon, of course, is excited and giddy. After all, he is the only one with 2 acts still in the competition. However, that could all change tonight if one of his acts is sent packing. Either way though, Simon will have at least one group in the competition. Right now, Demi is the only one without an act in the competition.

Bridget Mendler performs a song I have never heard of but come to think of it, never heard of her. She sounds a lot like Natasha Beningfield.

Time for another act to be sent to the finale next week. Tate Stevens is sent on through. That was pretty much a given. We all knew he would go through. He was a contender for the prize early on.

That leaves Carly Rose and Emblem3 whose fate is still undecided. Emblem 3 said they were not worried if they are sent home. Well that is because Simon is signing them to his record label anyway, win or lose.
Before we find out who goes home, Bruno Mars sings his hit song Locked out of Heaven.

The moment has finally arrived to find out who will round out the Top 3. That act is Carly Rose Sonenclar. That means that Emblem 3 is going home and Simon is not too happy.

Next week, the Top 3 compete to be the winner of X Factor. Again those three will be Carly Rose, 5th Harmony and Tate Stevens!