X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 11/30 – Top Seven Perform

Its the top seven performing tonight. Last week we saw Lakoda Rayne and Leroy Bell go home. So far I have not missed a single one of the acts eliminated. However we are closing in on the top talent pool now and to challenge them even further they have upped the ante with this weeks theme. The contestants will be singing songs from the Michael Jackson catalog. Which means they have access to his music and that of the Jackson 5. And to add to the pressure, in the audience are three of his brothers, Marlon, Randy, Jackie, his mother and his three children, Prince, Blanket and Paris.

Michael Jackson has a stunning array of songs for them to choose from, let’s hope they respect his material enough not to try anything too radical. Here are the performances and the judges comments:

1. First up is Josh Krajcik singing Dirty Diana. This is a great song, but I don’t think Josh did a good job. It is not made for his voice.

L.A. said: I was really proud of you doing it, you landed on your feet.
Paula said: You learned how to be comfortable, you rose the bar, great job.
Simon said: As a spectacle is was great, however, you were over produced, you were lost in the choreography – it was what Nicole wanted you to be and it was weak.
Nicole said: We like to take risks on this show, Michael is so inspiring, we feel it in our veins and that is exactly what Josh did.

2. Astro was next doing his own rap to Black or White. Personal opinion? Absolutely stunning.

Nicole said: That was baad, I don’t know if it was my favorite performance from you, but I liked the lyrics.
Paula said: I think you are extroardinary, you amaze me ever time, I think you could win this competition.
Simon said: I am going to completely disagree with Nicole because that is what some one your age should do, take a pop song and make it your own, you deserve to be here.
L.A. said: You know what, I am proud, I like to think the Jackson family is as proud of you as I am, you made it you own and paid truibute to a great legend.

3. Next was Drew Ryniewicz who sang Billy Jean.

Paula said: This was your best vocal performance, however, nothing visual, paying homage to Michael, there should have been more.
Simon said: Paula let me remind you, because of too much dancing, your acts are out of the building. The whole point of tonight was to show that she is a great artist and she sang the song beautifully.
L.A. said: You made the song your own and it pains me to say that I liked it.
Nicole said: I like you, the whole chair thing I didn’t understand, you showed range and passion but I wanted you to get up from the chair.

4. Rachel Crow sang Can You Feel It, which is a song by the Jackson 5 sung by Michael.

L.A. said: This is probably the only time that I have watched you and didn’t believe that you were having a great time, it was not the best that I have seen you.
Nicole said: Pumpkin, I thought you did a really good job, but I did not feel the connection.
Paula said: I absolutely adore you, I don’t feel this song gave you justice and it is time to get back to what you want to do.
Simon said: It is actually anti-Simon tonight, I thought you were great and do listen to Squidley, Diddly and Tweedle Dum.

5. Marcus Canty sang Pretty Young Thing.

Nicole said: I love you PYT, I hope America appreciates your talent and keeps you another week. Paula said: What a beautiful homage to Michael Jackson and you are the whole package.
Simon said: I agree with everything that Paula just said, but the vocals where not that great.
L.A. said: It was an inventive arrangement, I hope that flip you did flips you some votes.

6. Chris Rene did the Chris Rene treatment to the Jackson 5 classic I’ll be there.

Nicole said: What is so amazing about Michael Jackson is that you always feel his spirit and I felt that tonight, you sounded the best you ever sang.
Paula said: You looked the best tonight, you connected with the whole public and I can’t wait till you have an album out, you manifest in the heart department.
Simon said: The vocal was a little shaky on the top, when the rap came in it was better.
L.A. said: I think the performance speaks for itself.

7.Last but not least we had Melanie Amaro who sang the Earth Song. She was the best of the night.

L.A. said: For one second, I forgot we were in a competition, I thought we were at a concert.
Nicole said: Not only was it the best of the night, it was the best on the show so far.
Paula said: It was flawless and you nailed it.
Simon said: I could not be more proud, what a great way to pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the results show, which will move us to the top 6 (or top 5, if there is a twist).