X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos – 10/29 & 10/31 – The Top 12

The girls are up first!

Ellona Santiago- Till the World Ends by Britney Spears- Definitely did well. Kelly says she is one to watch, Demi said she kicked butt and Simon said she can definitely sell records.

Danie Geimer- Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus- Very under pitch in certain parts. Kelly thought she had great energy, Simon said she is boring and Demi agreed that she lacked energy but had great vocals.

Rion Paige- Skyscraper by Demi Lovato- She is passionate in her music. Simon thought it was a great song choice for her and Demi was proud of her.

Khaya Cohen- Mercy by Duffy- Great vocals. Simon doesn’t think people will like her, Demi thought it was an uncomfortable performance and Kelly said she looked awkward when she moved.

Going Home is Damie Geimer!

The boys are up next.

Josh Levi- Only Girl in the World by Rihanna- Not a perfect vocal performance but he sure can dance. Demi didn’t like the song choice but says he has potential. Simon agrees with Demi completely.

Carlos Guevera- Don’t You Worry Child- The crowd loved him and it was an okay performance. Kelly thought he was pitchy, Demi says he is likeable and Simon didn’t expect him to do so well.

Carlito Olivero- Maria Maria- The song is a bit outdated; he could have chosen something a bit more modern. He does have solid vocals and does a bit of dancing too. Demi thinks he has a place in the music industry, Paulina loved his performance and Simon said he would sign him to a record deal.

Tim Olstad- Always- He did an amazing job with this song vocally. Kelly loved his performance, Simon thinks he has a great voice and Demi thought he lacked energy.

Going Home is Josh Levi!

The Over 25 group is up next.

Lillie McCloud- When a Man Loves a Woman- She has the best vocals and the most amazing stage prescience. Paulina called her a goddess, Kelly thought she was incredible and Simon says she is one of the best singers.

Jeff Gutt- Try by Pink- He has incredible vocals and knows how to work the stage. Demi says she loved his voice and Simon called him brilliant.

Rachel Potter- I Hope You Dance- She does a great job with a sappy song like this. Simon thought it was the perfect song choice and Paulina thought she was brilliant.

James Kenney- Red by Taylor Swift- He sings really well. Simon loved his performance, Demi thought it was great and Paulina thought it was amazing.

Going Home is James Kenney!

Last are the groups tonight.

Roxxy Montana- Royals by Lorde- Definitely their best song yet. The girl in the middle is the best out of the three. Kelly liked them; Simon and Paulina think they are coming around.

Sweet Suspense- I Don’t Care by Icona Pop- It was awful with no harmonies and everyone was in unison. Simon thought it was magic and Demi called them stars.

Alex and Sierra- Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke- Great rendition of the song for a duo. Audience loved them as did all the judges.

Restless Road- Roar by Katy Perry- I thought they were a country group; this is not a country song by any means. Kelly loved it and Simon gave them a standing ovation.

Going Home is Roxxy Montana!

And now we have our Top 12 in place!

1. Ellona Santiago
2. Rion Paige
3. Khaya Cohen
4. Carlito Olivera
5. Carlos Guevera
6. Tim Olstad
7. Rachel Potter
8. Jeff Gutt
9. Lillie McCloud
10. Restless Road
11. Alex and Sierra
12. Sweet Suspense