X Factor USA Show Highlights from 12/1 – The Top Five Revealed

Last night the top seven contestants performed songs from the Michael Jackson (and Jackson 5) catalogs. Michael Jackson has some stunning songs in his catalog and it was strange to see some of the song choices, but barring a few, all the performances were great. To top it off, we even had some Michael’s brothers, his mother and his three children watching the performances. Here is a quick recap of what the top seven performed:

Josh Krajcik – Dirty Diana
Rachel Crow – Can You Feel It
Marcus Canty – Pretty Young Thing
Melanie Amaro – Earth Song
Chris Rene – I’ll Be There
Astro – Black or white
Drew Ryniewicz – Billy Jean

Just like last week, tonight will be a double elimination, taking us to the top five. Recently, we have seen that it is not always the best performances that generate votes. For example in the initial weeks, each of groups were eliminated one by one, even though groups like 4shore were definitely not the worst acts week after week.

So the first to go will be the person with the lowest votes. The contenstants who are safe are:

Chris, Melanie, Rachel, Josh

Wow, that leaves Astro as the act with the lowest votes. He is arguably the biggest talent and he has been eliminated.

Marcus Canty and Drew have the next two lowest votes and have to sing for their lives. The judges vote and with the exception of Simon everyone else votes Drew off the show. Astro and Drew have been eliminated.