X Factor US

Simon Cowell is back on American television, he is bringing his famous British talent show X-Factor to the United States. The show, much like American Idol which Cowell was a judge for many years is a show all about singing talent. There are some ways that X-Factor is going to be different than American Idol; for one there is no upper age range for contestants. American Idol has an age limit of 28 years old. X-Factor is also open to both solo artists and musical groups. One of the biggest differences between American Idol and X-Factor is the fact that its panel of judges actually mentors the finalist on the show.

The judges are assigned to certain groups of contestants, usually broken down by sex, age and group. The judges will then “judge” contestants from other categories. Like American Idol though singing talent is not enough to help contestants win the competition. They must also be able to “look the part” this means that they have to have a good personality, stage presence, appearance and even be able to dance. According to Cowell very few artists have all of those qualities and the one that does possesses the X-Factor or star making quality. 

For fans of reality competition and talent shows but are tired of the judges outshining the competition on American Idol, X-Factor could be the show that you are looking for. The Judges line up for X-Factor is still unknown other than Simon Cowell being one of the four. X-Factor U.S. is supposed to begin airing in September 2011.