X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 11/2 – Top 12 Perform Live

Last week the top 17 acts who survived the judges round performed and were whittled down to the top 12 by their judges. Tonight the top 12 acts performed live, with one to be eliminated this week as the show moves to the standard performance/results show format. The good news is that XFactor has been renewed for a second season. Simon was thrilled and said “I am absolutely thrilled with the news. I have loved making the show and I want to thank FOX, our sponsors and most importantly, the fans for supporting The X Factor.”

Now on to the performances. Here they are one by one:

1. The Stereo Hogzz are the first up with Janet Jackson’s Rythm Nation.

Here are the judges comments:
Simon said: Not only do I think you are one of the best groups I have ever seen in one of these competitions and I don’t think there is a band in the world better than you right now and I wish I was mentoring you.
Paula said: I am so proud, you make my life so interesting, you are fantastic students.
L.A. said: The whole idea is do you have what it takes to be a star and you absolutely do.
Nicole said: The Stereo Hogzz have landed, you representated it so well, much respect to you

2. Chris Rene was up next with singing Luther Vandross-ish version of “Superstar” with rap

Here are the judges comments:
Simon said: You knew last week you were not in your game last week, the thing is I don’t understand the staging with the fire, I look you and I like your honesty.
L.A. said: That fire you talkin’ about Simon, is because he’s hot.
Nicole said: You sound absolutely amazing, you have grown so much, it was beautiful.
Paula said: You are honest and transparent with your thoughts.

3. 50+ Leroy Bell was sang Lonestar’s I’m Already There.

Here are the judges comments:
Simon said: You are a really good singer, but you have a confidence issue and Nicole has not given you the right song.
Nicole said: You know what Simon, sometimes less is more. All the dads across America are proud of you tonight.
L.A. said: Really good, I love your song choice, but I love your voice.
Paula said: I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as you and I wish you the best of luck.

4. Rachel Crow performs her own rendition of Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine.

Here are the judges comments:
Nicole said: What I love about you is that even though you are only thirteen years old, I love your voice – but I didn’t like the lyric change.
Paula said: I get that when you think of Rachel you think of sunshine, when you sand When I Was A Boy, that’s when I head your range.
L.A. said: Wow Rachel, youmust be one of the most charismatic person I have ever met, you really have something special.
Simon said: Regarding the lyric change, it’s called being creative and this girl is going to be around for a long, long time.

5. Put together group Lakota Rayne sang the Dixie Chicks’ hit Landslide.

The judges comments:
Simon said: Vocally and song choice, you sounded like singers but I hate what you are wearing and the idea of turning you into four seasons is ridiculous.
Paula said: This is coming from a guy from London where there is one season, miserable.
L.A. said: You guys look incredible, I felt the harmonies tonight but I want you to be one or the other, pop or country.
Nicole said: It sounded like one voice and it was effortless.

6. Josh Krajcik sang Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts. A bit of a risk I would say.

This is what the judges had to say:
Paula said: You can sing anything and I’m a believer.
Simon said: I take back everything I have said, that was incredible, absolutely stunning – you took a risk and it paid off.
L.A. said: That was really, really good and I dig you.
Nicole said: You brought that to life, I feel your voice in my veins thank you.

7. Melanie Amaro sang the Eagles’ Desperado.

The judges comments:
Nicole said: There is no limit to what you can do.
Paul said: You are like fine China.
L.A. said: Great song choice.
Simon said: I never realized how good you were, right now you are the one to beat trust me.

8. Rapper Astro was next.

The judges loved it. Here’s what they said:
Simon said: L.A. said that you were too young and you have proven that you are a total little star.
L.A. said: Every week you get better and better.
Nicole said: You know how to get the party started, I want to go to the club with you.
Paula said: You are unique and I know Jay Z has his eye on you.

9. Up next was the sensation InTENsity. They sang Kim Wilde’s We’re The Kids In America.

The judges comments:
Nicole said: The was funtastic, good job.
Simon said: Sorry Paula, that was terrific and it was a little rebellion, I shouldn’t like you but I really do.
L.A. said: That was fun, fun, fun.
Paula said: Thank you guys for working so hard.

10. Drew was next. She sang Nelly’s Just A Dream.

The judges comments:
Paula said: I love what you do, you are way beyond your years.
Simon said: I’m seeing a star imerge in front of me right now and I am not your mentor, you are my mentor now, I am learning from you.
Nicole said: This is one of my favorite songs and I love that you are so relevant, you are unique and a vision.
L.A. said: You are a superstar, you are just unlucky because you have the wrong mentor.

11. Marcus Canty sang a song written by LA Reid for Bobby Brown – Every Little Step.

Simon said: You have come alive, this is what we love about you, brilliant song choice.
Nicole said: I felt like I was watching a concert, that was amazing.
Paula said: It brings me back, you are a total performer, a total package.
L.A. said: You are getting better and better, come alive man, America loves you.

12. The last performer for tonight was Stacy Francis.

Paula said: This was a shining moment, the way you interpret songs is beautiful, you should be proud.
L.A. said: You startle souls when you sing, fabulous job.
Nicole said: This is not about you Simon, you were honest with grace and beauty, I am proud of you.
Simon says: I don’t want to take any credit for this, but I am going to, you want to give me a kiss don’t you (she kisses him), it was real and fantastic.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?