X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 11/10 – Top 11 Perform Live

Here we are at the performance of the top 11. This week, we will finally find out who will make the top 10 of the first season of X Factor. Just like last week, there will be two shows, the performance and results show. The performances are getting more and more polished as the contestants adjust to the demands of the show and the judges start to get a better idea of what sort of artists the performers want to be.

Here are the judges comments on each contestant in the order they performed:

1. Stacy Francis sang “Queen of the Night” by Whitney from “The Bodyguard.”. An absolute classic.
Simon said: You look cute but I would have you wearing that somewhere else. The problem is that you have to convince America that you are a $5 million dollar recording contract, I liked you last week, nut tonight I didnt like it.
Nicole said: You look gorgeous, you are a queen within and you empower women.
L.A. said: I really don’t like this song, but you did better than I thought you would.
Paula said: You are a diva, every time you sing you are singing for your life and I have to agree, I never really liked this song but you delivered it in a big way

2. Marcus Canty sang the Car Wash classic “I’m Going Down”
Simon said: That was 1000% better than last week, thank god you threw that jacket off half way through.
L.A. said: You look great, you sound great, you have better taste than some people at the end of this desk (Simon). I have a crystal ball with an artist’s picture in it, and it’s you.
Nicole said: Two words, ma gic. You taste, you mean and you enjoy every word, you are classic, a superstar. Paul said: Everything about you head to toe, reads STAR, I am proud of you.

3. Drew sang a version Coldplay’s “Fix You” from the movie “You Me and Dupre.”
Paula said: You give an honest performance every week, but I don’t like what you are wearing and don’t take fashion advice from Simon any more.
Simon said: I love working with you, you designed your outfit and you take risks.
L.A. said: That was really good, you were good for the past three weeks and they all sound they same, you need to sing something different.
Nicole said: You are simply brilliant beyond your years, you are a slice of heaven.

4. Leroy Bell sang U2′s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Now that is a classic.
Simon said: I am used to working with older people, you are 60 and sounded like a 20 year old, it was classy, your best performance yet.
Nicole said: I felt like we were at a rock concert, but a church at the same time.
L.A. said: I was bored, but this week it was good.
Paul said: I was waiting for this performance, it was great, America has found what they are looking for in you.

5. Lakota Rayne sang “I Wanna Love Somebody Like You” from the movie “How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.”
Simon said: After the absolute horror show last week, you are the group I always hoped and prayed you would be.
Paula said: I am so proud of you, I love you girls and I can see you all over Pepsi.
L.A. said: You took my advice and you have become my favorite girl group.
Nicole said: I grew up in Kentucky and do you know how popular I would be if I took you home with me. I loved that you indivually shined tonight.

6. Astro sang a remix of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, in his own usual style. What a performance.
Simon said: This is so irritating, you are the cat who has the cream. I believe every star has to have a work ethic and you have that. Astro, you have the X Factor.
L.A. said: I could not be more proud of you, you have the audacity to rewrite Eminem’s lyrics.
Nicole said: I’m just in awe of you right now, this is what separates the good from the great, how you write your lyrics, you are a champion.
Paula said: That level of focus you have puts you in a league all of your own.

7. Melanie Amaro sang Michael Jackson’s “Make That Change”
Paula said: Music heals the world and your voice does that.
Simon said: To use a British expression, “you were bloody fantastic”, for me it was your best performance so far, you did amazing.
L.A. said: That was really good, you are a really great singer but I did not find it inventive and the range in choice.
Nicole said: It was a brilliant song choice, I love it with her voice that is a vessel of the light.

8. The Stereo Hogzz sang “Ain’t No Other Man”. Not their best performance in my opinion.
L.A. said: Last week was a tough week for you and this is your recovery week, but I didn’t know this song. Nicole said: All I got to say is, bananas. That was my favorite performance from you yet.
Simon said: This has nothing to do with bananas, your choreography is amazing but you are not performing a record you would make, the problem I have is that you have to become less cabaret.
Paula said: These guys are working so hard, you are a great group.

9. Josh Krajcik sang Joe Cocker’s “With A Little Help From My Friends”
Simon said: I love the song choice but you were like Dracula up there, you need to get rid of the gimmicks. Nicole said: Simon, don’t hate, just congratulate.
L.A. said: Strong voice, well done.
Paula said: Your voice is comforting, you are amazing.

10. Chris Rene sang Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”.
Simon said: Welcome back Chris Rene, I think you are a potential real star.
L.A. said: I am really proud of you, it was a long way home but we are there now.
Nicole said: You are such a gift.
Paula said: You were real, you were honest, you were truthful.

11. Rachel Crow sang “I’d Rather Go Blind”. Good performance but I haven’t heard the song before.
Nicole said: I am so happy that you listened to me and choose a great song for her.
Paula said: You were amazing, the best performance.
L.A. said: I wasn’t sure that you were a contender, but tonight you proved that you are.
Simon said: I trust Rachel and I adore her, you reminded me of a mini Beyoncé, you are back in the game young lady.

Tomorrow we will see which 10 made it through.