X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/4 – Boot Camp Day 2

There are 60 acts left in the competition. The contestants are paired into duos. They have to work together, chose a song together and perform the song together.

Tara Simon and Jannel Garcia sing Landslide. Tara way over sang the song and she kept making weird, scary faces as she was singing. She also made one attempt at a high note and it came out flat. Jannel, on the other hand, did great with the song. Simon hated the song choice saying he didn’t feel it represented who they were as singers.

Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar are both 13 years old and sang Pumped Up Kicks. They sang with a strange confidence that you would expect to see from a pair of 18 year olds. It was sort of creepy to watch. Both of them did really well with the song, however. But between the two of them, Carly did a better job.

Vino Allan and David Correy sang What’s Going On. They both had soulful voices that sounded amazing on this classic Motown song. They both sounded awesome but Vino was upset by his performance afterwards. He may have messed up the words.

Diamond White and Dinah Jane Hansen sang Stronger. They both sang notes that were too big. Dinah messes up the words to the song. The song was slow and boring.

Julia Bullock and Ally Brooke sang Knocking On Heaven’s Door. They both totally over sang the song. L.A. Reid said one singer did better than the other but did not indicate which one.

Tate Stevens and Willie Jones sang Nobody Knows. Willie just got emotional, forgot the words and just stopped singing. He said he didn’t know the song. Tate, however, did amazing on vocals.

Jillian Jansen and Latasha Robinson sang Why Don’t You Stay. Latasha breaks down and just gives up. Jillian picked up where they left off, finished the song and totally nailed it.

Next week the 60 contestants will be whittled down to only 24 performers. After the cuts are made it is time for the judges’ houses.