X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/18

Last week saw the contestants final performances at each of the judges houses. Those 32 acts will be cut down to the final 16, who will move along to the live shows. The Judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid will choose four performers from each of the groups who performed at their houses. Simon has the girls under 30 in his house, Nicole and Enrique Iglesias mentored the over 30s, Paula and Pharrell Williams mentored the groups, and L.A. Reid and Rihanna mentored the boys under 30.

Let’s go through those who moved on, and some who did not:

Drew Ryniewicz was first up and after being told she was the best of the days performances, Simon told her that she was going through.

Josh Krajcik is first to hear from Nicole – he is going through. Next contestant from Nicole who is going through is Dexter Haygood. Unfortunately for James Kenney and Christa Collins will not be making through to the next round.

Illusion/Confusion – Paula tells them they lacked showmanship, and they are moving on The same goes for 2squar’d. The Brewer Boys are through to the next round but Sadly 4Shore are not through and are told that they need a lead.

Brian Bradley, the teen rapper who wants to be famous is put through, though LA does express some concerns. Skyelor Anderson, Nick Voss, Phillip Lomax, and Brennin Hunt are next to learn their fates. Nick, Skyelor, and Brennin are heading home but Phillip is through to the next round.

Fan favorite Chris Rene, gets to hear the news. And he’s through! Looks like LA liked him as much as we did.

Lakoda Rayne are put through – Paula thinks they can make history. Even Intensity is through! There’s lots of celebrating.

Its bad news for Jazzlyn Little , Simon breaks the news that she wont be going through.

So it keeps going and more hear the good news, and an unfortunate few get the bad news.

The last spot on Simon’s team will go to 13 year-old Rachel Crow or 18 year-old Melanie Amaro. Simon tells Melanie that she is not going through. But unbelievably, he has a change of heart and actually flies over to Melanie’s house and asks her to come back, and says he made a mistake. What a twist. Now the final 16 are actually the final 17.

Here are your top 17: Simone Battle, Drew Ryniewicz, Josh Krajcik, Dexter Haygood, The Brewer Boys, Brian Bradley, Phillip Lomax, LeRoy Bell, Chris Rene, Lakoda Rayne, InTENsity, Tiah Tolliver, Marcus Canty, The Stereo Hogzz, Stacy Francis, Rachel Crow, and Melanie Amaro.

Can’t wait for the live shows!