X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 9/22

The second night of X Factor Premier week took place at Miami and Dallas. The show featured some weirdos again like a girl that claimed she sees ghosts and a guy that argued so much with Simon that may have cost him a passing vote. However, we also had a few excellent contestant, like 18-year-old Melanie Amaro, who did a Beyonce song that got standing ovation from all judges and Paula stating that she is the best contestant she has ever seen. Another highlight was Nick Voss who did an Elvis cover. Below you will see some of the videos.

Melanie Amaro, 18, from Sunrise Florida, sings a Beyonce cover power ballad that only very few can deliver. She wows the judges. OMG, what an amazing voice and her singing was perfect with the lows and highs. Nicole and Paula were on their feet halfway. The whole audience and judges were on their feet by the end. Nicole was in tears afterwards and was speechless. she told her that she got the X-Factor. All judges put her through. Watch out for this one to be one of the top contestants this this year. My only concern is that she may not have the looks the general voters would prefer and as we all know, on TV looks may be important. However, with a little make over in her looks, things could be a little different.

Nick Voss, doing an Elvis cover.

49-year-old Dexter Haygood, who is homeless and lives in his car, has been doing music since 81 but never made it big. This is his chance to come back, as he puts it. He is from Memphis, Tennessee, wearing a jacket that says Memphis on the back. He does an Elvis cover and dances pretty good, but gets NO from all judges, until Simon asks him to do a 15-second acapella. Shows goes on a break and when it returns we hear an awesome soulfoul singing from Dexter that puts him through.

Xander Alexander, 27-year-old with a lot of attitude, argues with Simon, which may have cost him a passing vote.Watch below.

Caitlin Koch, is a 21-year-old hot blond rugby coach and player. She stuns the judges with her singing and passes. See below. She definitely got the voice and looks to win this comptition. Watch out for her.