Online Radio Resolves Access-Problems For Genre Music

A simple glance at the online search results when researching great songs in 90s music quickly reveals all the musical gems from that decade. Ranging from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to Salt-N-Pepa to later 90s legends like the Backstreet Boys, listening to 90s music conjures of imagery and a nostalgic feeling for all of those born before the era. But listening to these songs can be a struggle; one would have to pay for each song individually on iTunes, dig up and dust off old compact discs and find a CD player, or search for each song by its video on a website such as YouTube.

Similarly, fans of Christian music face challenges when trying to listen to classics from their genre as well as when trying to find new, contemporary Christian music tracks. Play on mainstream radio broadcasts is often limited in many parts of the country, or a Christian music fan may even face a fuzzy, static sound when trying to access a Christian radio station from long-range from a traditional antenna radio.

While the classical form of radio is still so popular for listening to the top hits from today as well as from years-gone-by, a person who wants to listen to a particular type of music (from a specific genre, time frame, etc.) is at a disadvantage. However, now with the invention of online radio that can be accessed from the computer or from smart phone applications, a listener can find, for free, the exact type of music he or she wants to enjoy.