X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 9/20

The show opens with the usual Britney dramatics. Tonight she is happy to be in North Carolina though. Demi is finding it tough to juggle her tour schedule and her judging duties on the X Factor. And LA Reid is annoyed when Simon shows up to auditions late because he was at a diner trying grits for the first time.

First up tonight was 17 year old Willie Jones. Everyone thought that he would be singing hip hop because he came onstage looking like Will Smith as his character dressed on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But he stunned everyone by being a country dude. He sang Josh Turner’s song Your Man. He even gets a standing ovation. He received 4 yeses.

18 year old Julia Bullock came to audition with beautiful looks and an incredible voice. She is part of a band, which came with her, and one of the band members is her ex boyfriend. She opts for a pop rock song and that is definitely her forte. Simon thought she was really good, LA said she had a rock star style and Demi called her super talented. So of course she makes it through to the next round as a solo artist.

Jeffrey Gutt is 36 years old and a single father. He takes on Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. He turns the song into his own rock version and it was completely horrible. He was pitchy all over the place but the strange thing is that the audience loves it. Even more surprising is that all the judges liked him and passed him on through to the next round of competition.

In the middle of another contestants’ performance of Oooh Baby Baby, which was totally the worst performance of the night, a storm hits and the lights go out as the roof begins to leak over the judges’ table.

Krysten Colon definitely likes making a name for herself. She takes on Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. The judges thought the song was way too big of a song for her to sing. Why did she even get asked back? She was off-pitch and just sounded awful. The judges all turn her down flat. She leaves the stage in anger and completely flips out backstage. She swears up a storm and is tossing water everywhere. But when she picks up a chair, security decided it was time for her to be escorted out of the building.