X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 12/12

Tonight on X Factor is the semi-finals. Tomorrow night, the Final 4 will become our Final 3. There are no judges’ decisions this week. There is no leader board. No one will know who came in first until next week when the winner is announced next week. Simon stated he believed that the voters will cast their vote tonight for the best performance. The Top 4 take the stage and we are ready to go! First songs up are the choice of the contestants. Demi has no one left in her group. Each of the remaining judges has one except for Simon who has two groups still in the competition.

First up tonight is Tate Stevens. Tate takes on Bonfire by Craig Morgan. He starts out well and works the stage like a performer should. His voice sounds confident and he is singing right on key. It seems that Tate does well when he gets to chose the songs he wants to sing. Let’s see what the judges say. Britney said it wasn’t his best performance, Demi thought it was an amazing performance and Simon said it was one of his favorite performances. Not a bad start to the show.

Little Miss Carly Rose Sonenclar sings Your Song by Elton John. She chose this song because it’s her dad’s favorite song. Great song but Carly sounds completely boring, she ends with a huge note that was just not in the cards and she has a choir full of kids singing with her. She could have done a whole lot better than this. LA thought is was okay, Demi said she was predictable and Simon loved it even though he said it wasn’t her best performance.

Next up are Simon’s two groups. Emblem 3 takes the stage first with Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton. They also chose the song because it is a favorite of their parents. While I think the gesture is nice, this is the end of the road next week and they need to pick something for them and them only. Same way with Carly. But with that said, they were great. They acted like normal 12 year old boys should. LA thought they just performed their winning song, Demi thought the performance was who they really are and Britney loved them.

5th Harmony is up next with Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding. The vocals were solid and one of the girls does a great job hitting the high notes. They were just amazing although I think they may be the ones headed home tomorrow night. LA thought it was their best performance yet, Britney loved the whole act and Demi loved their song and their outfits.

Next, the Top 4 sing songs chosen by them and their mentors.

Tate Stevens takes the stage to sing Fall by Clay Walker. This song will not win him votes in my book. This is along the same lines as he sings every single week. Tate can certainly sing but his songs are just too generic. Britney and Demi loved his performance and the fact he is so dedicated to his lovely wife and LA said he had a solid performance.

Carly Rose is up once again singing Imagine by John Lennon. I have heard this song a time or two and I don’t remember John screaming his way through the song as Carly did. Screaming! Carly has been a strong contender all season but this was not her strongest suit. LA thought she did okay, Demi thought she was amazing but Simon didn’t like it at all. He said the notes were too big for the song and it just wasn’t good.

Emblem3 take on Hey Jude by The Beatles. Wrong song for these boys. Hey Jude is from the greatest band ever, not from a boy band. It was boring. It was dull. LA liked it, Britney called it an A+ performance and Demi thought they had potential.

5th Harmony takes on Impossible but sings half of it in Spanish. Sounded great but didn’t do much to give them an edge. They definitely did better their first go around than this time. LA said it was a lazy choice, Demi said she was worried for them in the votes and Britney didn’t think they would be here next week.

Tune in tomorrow night to see who goes home!