X Factor USA Show Highlights from 11/17 – Third Results Show

Thursdays results show opened with a group performance of We will Rock You, to tie in with this weeks theme. To recap, in yesterdays show, the top 10 performed Rock tracks. While some of the judges and fans didn’t think many of the songs fitted the Rock moniker, some of the contestants shone outside their comfort zone. Today we find out who the bottom two were, and who gets voted out by the judges. Will Paula lose her last group and be out of the competition? or will it be a solo performer?

After the group track, Rihanna sang her hit We Found Love. She performed the dance hit in a Bomber jacket and torn jeans. Afterwards, we found out who was in the bottom two.

The first of the bottom two was Stacey Francis. This is not much of a surprise. Although she does have a great voice and talent, she has been sub par the last couple of weeks. Much to Paula’s relief and everyone else’s horror, the second of the bottom two was rap prodigy Astro.

Stacey sang a somewhat pitchy Amazing Grace, which didn’t seem to wow the judges like a last chance performance should. Astro on the other hand argued against performing again. Thought after some encouragement from LA, he sang his raps to Never Can Say Goodbye. Watching him rap, it was obvious that being in the bottom two has affected his confidence. He was on a rocketship as far as praise and confidence was concerned. If he survives it will be interesting to see how he copes with being in the bottom two.

After the usual discussions, the judges voted and Simon got the last vote. “I really don’t want to do this,” he said, looking at Astro. “I’m gonna send home Stacy,”