X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 11/16 – Top 10 Perform

This week the top 10 performed and we are expecting greater and greater things from our top 10. The initial plan was for this to be Madonna and Lady Gaga week, but Simon changed his mind and it was changed to “Rock”. It will be interesting to see how some of the contestants adapt their style or the song to this weeks theme. As is now the norm, one contestant will be voted out based on today’s performance along with the announcement tomorrow.

1. First up we have Leroy Bell singing a version of Bob Seger‘s ‘We’ve Got Tonight’

L.A. said: We are no longer simply trying to get to the next round, we are looking for a star and you look great and sound great but you are not working it like a rock star, I need more.
Simon said: Nice song, good voice, zero for originality. Five million dollars, a Pepsi commercial, we have heard the same kind of songs week after week like you are in a cage. I want you to have a shot at winning and right now you can’t win.
Nicole said: I believe in you and tonight is the best you have ever sung in this competition. You are the oldest person in this competition and you are great. L.A. Reid intervenes and says that Mick Jagger is older, you go L.A. Reid!
Paula said: There is no mistaking that you have a beautiful voice but there needs to be more of a connection, start engfaging with the audince.

2. Next we have Rachel Crow singing a version of the Rolling Stones‘ ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’. Interesting song choice, though I would have never imagined it for her.

L.A. said: Last week you made your official return to the competition and the question is can you sell tickets and records, the answer is yes.
Paula said: You are one of my favorites, I love how you are connecting with the audience, when I see you up there I only see you.
Simon said: Rachel you said to me this week that you wanted to win this competition and I can see you winning, there is nothing wrong with you wanting to win. I like winners. Most importantly now, people are going to respect you as a singer.
Nicole said: That was the perfect song choice, it is my favorite performance of yours, it was effortless and fun.

3. Next up was Chris Rene singing a version of Bob Marley‘s ‘No Woman No Cry’. Not sure how this is classified as rock.

Paul said: I get why you choose this song, what I love about you, I buy into you – you are original.
Simon said: I loved the performance, but it was too Regee for me.
LA. said: I was worried that you would not stay on key, I completely defend what you did, Bob Marley was a rock star, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Nicole said: I love that song, that was very original, but it’s not my favorite performance by you, I was confused.

4. Next was Stacy Francis singing a version of Meatloaf‘s ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’. Awesome song, definitely rock, let’s see what the judges thought of her performance.

Simon said: Your hair looked good this week but the song was a bad choice this week, it was soft, you are going backwards now, it is not a cabaret competition, not working.
Nicole said: You are glam rock diva, I don’t if it was the best song, but you continue to rise. You were real in this performance.
L.A. said: You really sang that song really well.
Paula said: It is my least favorite song you have ever sang, your pitch was under and I didn’t feel it.

5. Melanie Amaro was next and saang REM‘s ‘Everybody Hurts‘. Not really rock in my opinion.

L.A. said: I’m confused, was that rock?
Nicole said: You sounded beautiful but I am confused why I didn’t cry with this performance, it wasn’t raw.
Paul said: You took us to church, your voice is gorgeous, you need to let loose.
Simon said: That reminded me of Alicia Keys, I am very proud of you and the audience is going to support you.

6. Josh Krajcik channeled his inner Foo Fighters. Wow.

Nicole said: Oh babe, you took me right back, you are the ultimate rock star.
L.A. said: You have the authenticity, you have stage presence and you are the only person that really rocked it out tonight.
Paula said: This is your best performance and best of all tonight.
Simon said: That was bloody fantastic.

7. Astro sang his own version of Puff Daddy‘s ‘Every Breath I Take‘. We keep expecting more and more from him, and he keeps delivering. A definite talent and is destined to be a star whether he wins this competition or not.

Simon said: You took on Puff Daddy, you are more maturity than some of the contestants, you have a shot at winning this.
L.A. said: You have everything it takes to be a major international star and to win this competition.
Nicole said: That was a smart song, the question is are you ready at this age for a five million dollar contract and I believe you are.
Paula said: Can you just suck for once? I don’t think you can, you are ready to sell millions of albums.

8. The hot foursome Lakota Rayne sang a version of Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’. Let’s hope they are not the next act to leave the show. America has shown absolutely no love for groups and Paula’s team keeps taking a hammering week after week.

L.A. said: This is the first time I see you have fun, does it measure up to your competitors, was it amazing, was it great, I’m not sure.
Nicole said: You rock with the country, you did your thing but I want to see you let go even more.
Simon said: Tonight was a complete mess overall, I really hope America sticks with you but those stupid dances made it gimicky.
Paul said: These girls have earned their place, they did a good job.

9. 14 Year old Drew sang a version of U2‘s ‘With Or Without You’. This one is a real talent, and very very young. Let’s see what the judges thought. Clearly Simon is a big fan.

L.A. said: You have a very original voice, I love you but I am pushing you for now cause you can do the distance.
Nicole said: I love that song but I was waiting for the tempo to pick up, waiting for more energy, you could have done better, I am frustrated.
Paula said: You are in a good place, you have a big fan base.
Simon said: Take no notice to the three witches, it is about being unique and doing something that has not been done before.

10. Last but not least we had Marcus Canty.

Simon said: You said you were gong to be a good boy, you were looking up ten girls skirts, I don’t think the song suited you, it was like you were pretending to be someone you are not.
L.A. said: You rocked.
Nicole said: You took on the queen of rock and you lit that stage on fire, it was crazy, it was raw, it was you.
Paula said: You are the entertainer of this competition, I am exhausted from watching you.