X Factor USA Show Highlights from 12/15 – The Top Three!

Last night was the Pepsi challenge and our top four contestants sang tracks selected by the voters from three choices for each contestant. Fortunately the fans voted for the right songs and we got to see our favorites belt it out. We are getting closer and closer to seeing a winner, but it is looking more and more like the interesting acts are being dropped. My prediction would be Josh and Melanie in the finals for sure, though I am not sure if Marcus or Chris will join them.

In guest performances tonight we get to see X Factor judge Nicole Sherzinger perform the single “Pretty” from a her upcoming album in 2012. The song hasn’t even been recorded yet so this is definitely this definitely a treat for her fans. In addition Florence + The Machine will also perform a single from their new album. I was hoping they would sing their mega hit “The Dog Days are Over”, but this will definitely do.

Now on to the results, first we find out which two artists had the highest votes and are safe:
Chris Rene & Melanie Amaro

So the bottom two are: Marcus Canty and Josh Krajcik

Marcus Canty was voted out. So out top three are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik.