Get to know LaKoda Rayne (Lakota Rain Bio)

lakoda rayne
LaKoda Rayne is a group of 4 females put together by X Factor judges when each of these contestants independandly did not make the top 32. The judges thought it would be a good idea to put them in a group.  They consider themselves a Country/Pop group. They consist of:

Dani Knights, 22, From Cape Town
Paige Elizabeth, 18, From Baltimore
Hayley Orrantia, 17, From Texas
Cari Fletcher, 17, From New Jersey

In the Top 32 round, LaKoda Rayne sang “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga and for judges Paula Abdul and co-judge Pharrell and made it to top 16. They sang “Come on Eileen” in the first Live show round and have made it to the Top 12. The judges loved them. LA Reid said “For me it is easy, if the four of you walked to my office and did what you just did, you would be signed to a worldwide recording contract.”

What does their name mean?
According to one of the members of the group, “Lakoda” means Friendship with allies and “Rayne” means Blossoms from Above.

Below is a video of them, perfroming “Come on Eileen”.