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Josh Krajcik told to stop drinking and smoking

Josh KrajcikDuring practice last week Josh Krajcik had issues with his voice giving out. After a doctor checked him out, he blamed the problem on his drinking and smoking and warned him to stop doing so. Josh is currently in the Top 10 is risking his chance to win. Nicole Scherzinger, his mentor, also warned him and told him if he doesn’t stop, he might be eliminated.

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 11/11 – Second Results Show

Last night the top 11 performed. There were some great performances and some not so great ones. Last week the bottom two were the groups Intensity and Stereo Hoggz. Will that be a a sign of things to come? read on for more.

As usual we have guest performances and today we had Willow Smith taking the stage to perform “Fireball” and “Price Tag” star Jessie J will performed “Domino”.

Radiohead and Metallica Vinyl Rule!

Fans of a pure music sound have been rediscovering the joys of vinyl record listening. That might seem like a lot of trouble in this age of digital downloads and compact discs but for true devotes of rock and roll, you just can’t beat vinyl. Into this arena you’ll find collectors who have their favorites. Among the stand outs in the rock genre would have to be the varied collection of Radiohead vinyl and Metallica vinyl. Both of these bands got their start in the early 80s and gathered a huge following right out of the gate.

Get to know LaKoda Rayne (Lakota Rain Bio)

lakoda rayne
LaKoda Rayne is a group of 4 females put together by X Factor judges when each of these contestants independandly did not make the top 32. The judges thought it would be a good idea to put them in a group. They consider themselves a Country/Pop group.
What does their name mean?
According to one of the members of the group, “Lakoda” means Friendship with allies and “Rayne” means Blossoms from Above.

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/27

Now that the judges’ home rounds are over, the competition get live, and tough. The contestants sang in front a stadium level audience and probably felt more pressure than ever before. The show was already long and it was a small miracle that they managed to get all 17 performances in the two and a half hours. These rounds are going to be entertaining. Not only the acts performing, but the competition we see from the judges. They can now slam each other for song choices etc, and they do not disappoint.

X Factor USA Top 17 Pictures

The Top 17 aof X Factor USA have been picked they are: Astro (Brian Bradley), The Brewer Boys, Chris Rene, Dexter Haygood, …

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/18

Last week saw the contestants final performances at each of the judges houses. Those 32 acts will be cut down to the final 16, who will move along to the live shows. The Judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid will choose four performers from each of the groups who performed at their houses. Simon has the girls under 30 in his house, Nicole and Enrique Iglesias mentored the over 30s, Paula and Pharrell Williams mentored the groups, and L.A. Reid and Rihanna mentored the boys under 30.

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/16

Last week the top 32 contestants were introduced to their judges, and taken to their respective locations to be mentored and judged. They also had the pleasure of having a guest judge in each group. Enrique Iglesias with Nicole Sherzinger for the over 30’s, Pharrel with Paula for the groups, Rihanna with LA Reid for the boys. The girls unfortunately lucked out, with their guest judge and mentor Mariah Carey unable to attend due to a hurricane.

Half performed last time around, leaving the remainder to perform on todays show. Out of this group of 32, 16 will make the cut and go through to the live rounds. The live rounds are what everyone lives for, giving America the chance to vote on who makes it through.

X Factor USA Show Highlights & Videos from 10/13

Tonight, the judges take each of their groups to their homes. They were split into four groups Girls, Boys, Over 30s and Groups. Simon got the girls, the groups went to Paula, the over 30’s went to Niocle and the boys got LA Reid. The girls are probably the luckiest, flying to Paris to meet Simon. The groups go to meet Paula in Santa Barbara and the boys head to the Hamptons to meet LA Ried. The over 30’s go to Malibu for to Nicole Sherzingers home.